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Directorate of Land Services

Head of Directorate

Bamidele Ibraheem

Director (gibraheem@lagosstate.gov.ng)

Functions and Activities

The Directorate of Land Services as a key component of Lands Bureau is saddled with the following responsibilities, among others:

  • Processes application for Governor’s Consent to subsequent transactions (Assignments, Subleases, Power of Attorney, Gifts and Mortgages) on land in line with the provisions of the Land Use Act, 1978.
  • Acquisition/Revocation matters.
  • Compensation matters.
  • Rectification of land titles.
  • Private Sector Developers’ Programme (PSDP).
  • Village/Settlement Excisions.
  • Land Policy Formulation.
  • Valuation of Land/Buildings and Equipment.
  • Land disputes resolution and court appearances.
  • Consultancy services to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). of Government


  1. Governor’s Consent
  2. Compensation Matters
  3. Processing of Applications for Excision
  4. Private Sector’s Development Program (PSDP)
  5. Rectification of title to Land