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Governor’s Consent


  • Duly completed Land Form 1C
  • Certified True Copy (CTC) of root of title
  • Deeds/Instruments of transfer (3Nos.) with clear survey plans attached.
  • 4Nos Passport photographs (5×5) with white background
  • Certificate of Incorporation for Company and form showing particulars of Directors.
  • Site photographs with date
  • Site Location Sketch.
  • Receipt of payment for NGN 10,500.00 (Charting, endorsement and form 1C).
  • Letter of Authority by the applicant and means of identification (where application is being processed on behalf of applicant)
  • Covering letter with functional telephone line(s) and e-mail address


  • Submission of application with attached documents to the Directorate of Land Services.
  • Issuing of Demand Notice to applicant based on location and applicable Fair Market Value (FMV) compiled and published in Lagos State Official Gazette No. 10 Vol.48 dated 5th February, 2015. Aggregate is 3% broken down as follows: Consent fee at 1.5% of assessed value; Capital Gains Tax (CGT) at 0.5% of assessed value; Stamp duty at 0.5% of assessed value; Registration fee at 0.5% of assessed value. The Neighborhood Improvement Charges (N.I.C). (for private and excised lands) assessed at size of land X N2/m2 X number of years of relevant title.

For mortgage transactions, assessment is as follows:

  • Consent fee @ N2, 500/N1, 000,000.
  • 0.25% for Registration fee @ N5, 000/N1, 000,000.
  • 0.5% for gift transactions, beneficiaries/applicants are exempted from payment of Capital Gain Tax.
  • Applicant submits all payment receipts.
  • Release of Registered Deeds/Instruments to applicant.
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