Lands Bureau

Stamping of Deed now done at Lands Bureau.!!! Customers can stamp their Documents in the Stamp Duty Office at Lands Bureau.!!! Title Search is not a mandatory requirement for registration of land documents.!!! National ID card is a primary means of Identification!!!


To Ensure Optimal Utilisation of Land Resources for sustainable development of the State.

To entrench a culture of excellence that will ensure prompt and efficient service delivery in Lands Bureau.


To be the platform for efficient and effective Land resources management that promotes equitable access to Land, enabling environment for land delivery, land information and positively contribute to sustainable socio-economic development of Lagos State.


Professionalism, Discipline and Integrity (PDI)


The Administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 1999, it accepted the burden of overhauling the Land Administration System established by successive administrations in the State. The Administration mandated itself, through stated policy statements, to make Land Administration a strategic resource block for the realization of the State’s social and economic prosperity, hence, the creation of the Bureau.

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