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The Unit was established with a view to improve service delivery at the Bureau and to reduce the liability of Government regarding the number of cases filed against the State in the Law Court.

Apart from attending to matters in Courts, other land related duties performed by Legal Unit includes, but not limited to:

  • Preparation of Legal documentation such as Leases, Deed of Rectification , Deed of Surrender , Supplemental Deed , Memorandum of Understanding amongst others.
  • Legal Representation in Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) State Security Service, Police Station(s) where Lands Bureau or her Officials are invited.
  • Vetting of applications for Deemed Grant for Governor’s Consent, Vesting Deeds, Assents; Accepting Judgments for Registration at Lands Registry, Cautions and Rectifications.
  • Processing of subleases as it affects Ministry of Housing, LSDPC, LBIC and Hitech.
  • Conducting meetings with other Ministries /Departments/Agencies and Land Owners with a view of reaching amicable settlement.
  • Giving Legal opinion on Land petitions amongst other.
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