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The Lagos State Public Procurement Law was assented on 21st October, 2011, gazetted 31st January 2012, and came into effect on 2nd April, 2012. The full implementation of procurement procedures actually commenced in 2014 with the under listed responsibilities:

  • The Procurement Officers assists the Accounting Officer to drive and facilitate the Procurement process in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
  • Implements Procurement Policies and Procedures for MDAs in line with its overall objectives and strategies.
  • Initiates Emergency Procurement.
  • Ensures the transparency in the disposal of property.
  • Maintain suppliers, contractors and consultants data bank.
  • Ensures that suppliers, contractors and consultants are paid on time.
  • Participates in bid opening and communication of outcomes to successful bidders.
  • Prepare and Evaluate Expression of Interests and prepares Requests for Proposals.
  • Participates in the Inspection of Suppliers’/ Contractors’ sites.
  • Participates in carrying out visits to requester’s sites to determine needs
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