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RECTIFICATION OF TITLE TO LAND In furtherance of the current reforms in Lands Bureau, the Directorate is now saddled with process of rectification of titles to land arising from application for subsequent transactions on land or registration of same. REQUIREMENTS FOR RECTIFICATION Application letter addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Lands Bureau. 2Nos. Deed of Rectification 2 Nos. Sunprint Survey plan for …

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PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS FOR EXCISION The Technical Committee on Excision, headed by the Executive Secretary, Land Use and Allocation Committee (LUAC), receives applications on Excision, monitors each to timely resolution and recommends its approval or refusal to His Excellency, the Governor. The membership of the Technical Committee on Excision is as follows: Lands Bureau Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban …

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compensation matters

COMPENSATION MATTERS Submission of Claims for acquired/revoked land/title document/building plan Title investigation Charting of perimeterSurvey Plan Inspection/Valuation or assessment of unexhausted improvement on the land. Recommendation of assessed amount of compensation for approval by His Excellency, the Governor. Preparation/execution of Indemnity Bond Payment of Compensation/Release of letter of allocation for alternative land (in lieu of monetary compensation).

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Governor’s Consent

REQUIREMENTS FOR PROCESSING GOVERNOR’S CONSENT Duly completed Land Form 1C Certified True Copy (CTC) of root of title Deeds/Instruments of transfer (3Nos.) with clear survey plans attached. 4Nos Passport photographs (5×5) with white background Certificate of Incorporation for Company and form showing particulars of Directors. Site photographs with date Site Location Sketch. Receipt of payment for NGN 10,500.00 (Charting, endorsement …

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