The Lands Bureau, Governor’s Office, has so far issued 821 E – C of O to property owners in Lagos State, its Special Adviser, Urban Development, Mrs. Yetunde Onabule said recently.

Onabule told media correspondents that His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, is passionate about obtaining C of O with ease in the present cosmopolitan State of Lagos. As such, he had signed, cumulatively, since the beginning of year 2017, a total of 821 Electronic Certificates of Occupancy (E- C of O).

This feat, no doubt, is borne out of His Excellency’s renewed effort and desire to accelerate the process of issuing titles, as well as the increased awareness created by this administration, which spurred property owners towards having titles for their landed property.

With respect to cases of abandoned/uncompleted applications for C of O, which were associated with non-submission of vital information and other necessary documents by applicants, she noted that the Bureau has created a dedicated help-desk, which aims at clearing the backlog of such applications.

According to her, the volume of abandoned/uncompleted applications is still high and she encouraged applicants with outstanding applications in the Bureau to take advantage of the auspicious process, which is on-going.

She disclosed that altogether, the present administration had issued 4,252 Electronic Certificates of Occupancy since its inception in May, 2015, giving the breakdown as 1, 696 and 1, 735 for year 2015 and 2016 respectively.

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