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Lands Reform


  • Deployment of professional personnel to achieve optimum performance.
  • Minimizing abuses especially those relating to corrupt practices and red tape.
  • Reforming mode of payment for service delivery in Lands Bureau through direct payment to designated Banks
  • Placement of templates for the conduct of business in the Bureau
  • Introduction of the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • The 30 Days Governor’s Consent
  • Digital Mapping of Lagos State to complement the effect of EDMS
  • Reduction of payments on Consent fees, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and Registration fees
  • Establishment of the Directorate of Land Regularisation to eliminate the hitherto defective Ratification procedure
  • Introduction of new Land Administration policies to aid Industrial, Commercial and Housing requirements, particularly as it affects Private Developers’ Schemes
  • Introduction of new Urban Renewal Policies that would create New Towns out of old communities
  • Introduction of a proactive policy on property perfection and registration to develop a reliable data base
  • A review of the change of policy use to prevent abuse of the massive town planning and urban protection Laws that have adversely affected Ikoyi, Victoria Island, etc, thereby turning them into Urban Slum.
  • Massive reclamation and expansion program to increase the Land mass available to the State for its use.
  • Mortgage Registry
  • Acquisition and Excision Registry
  • An automated validation of receipts of payments
  • Harmonized its Demand Notice/Assessment Letter to encompass all fees payable for Governor’s Consent in order to improve on the Ease of Doing Business. The Demand Notice now outlines the harmonized fees to include Consent Fee, Capital Gain Tax, Stamp Duty, Registration Fee, Neighbourhood Improvement Charge, Charting Fee as well as Endorsement and Form 1c charges. The new payment schedule affords applicants the opportunity to pay all fees related to the issuance of Governor’s Consent in a single transaction.
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